How do I dry wet shoes?

How do I dry wet shoes? In autumn and winter, we usually wear boots , rubber boots and other shoes that are resistant to moisture and snow. Often in the morning it is nice and the sun is shining. But after a few hours, when we have already been at work, school or on a walk, the weather suddenly worsens and it starts to rain or snow. Then it usually turns out that our styling does not match the weather conditions to which shoes are particularly exposed.

Unfortunately, we cannot protect shoes with an umbrella. In addition, there are usually puddles on the streets. Soaked shoes are a problem that can affect any of us, regardless of the season. Below we present you some tips on how to dry your shoes gently.

How do I dry my shoes? What should I avoid?

Rain, snow or even morning dew cause moisture to form in our shoes. When we get into such a situation, we often desperately seek help from any available heat source in the house. A radiator, electric heater, hairdryer or fan seem like a good idea. Unfortunately, these devices are just as bad a solution to this situation as an oven or microwave. They generate too strong a heat flow that does not have a neutral effect on the material and shape of the footwear. Then it is the aggressive drying that destroys the shoes, not just makes them wet. Even the most robust pair of shoes can discolor and lose their shape if exposed to heating for a long time. Just one evening is enough for the soles to crack and the seams to lose their elasticity. It is much better to dry wet shoes outdoors. However, even after drying for several hours on a sunny balcony or terrace, our favorite ankle boots can still be damp. How do I dry my shoes indoors? Check out how to match shoes to a handbag? They don’t have to be the same color!

How do I dry shoes indoors?

We should start this process by loosening the laces if the problem is with tied shoes. This will ensure that they dry completely. In addition, to keep their shape, wet leather shoes need to be filled with something. Newspapers are the best stuffing for this purpose. Not only do they tighten the upper, but they also absorb moisture. This is especially important for wet suede shoes, which can easily shrink when drying. It is important to note that it is best to avoid using colored or painted newspapers with this method, as there is a high risk that these will discolor the inside of the shoe. Other materials with equally good hygroscopic properties are rice and toilet paper. Like newspapers, they absorb excess moisture from your shoes well. However, remember to replace these fillings regularly. It is best to do this every 2-3 hours.

How to save wet suede shoes?

For leather shoes or wet suede shoes, it is worth rubbing a small amount of castor oil from time to time while you dry them. This substance is a very effective means of caring for leather goods. It costs a few pennies, but it definitely helps us keep our leather shoes in the best possible condition. Firstly, it helps to soften the leather and protects the shoes from moisture and the harmful effects of salt in winter. In addition, it prevents the leather from creasing and cracking. When drying your boots, it is a good idea to put an empty mineral water bottle inside so that they do not lose their shape. This will prevent the upper from bending and create permanent creases.

Paths on wet shoes

We already know how to dry shoes indoors. Now we still need to figure out where to do it best. We can use the terrace, balcony or garden. However, you should be careful not to expose your shoes to direct sunlight. Its influence can not only cause deformation of the shoes, but also create unsightly “patterns” in the form of discoloration or yellowish marks. The best solution is to keep the shoes in a dry and warm place, away from radiators and direct sunlight. The safest conditions for drying shoes are room temperature. Especially in summer, we can take advantage of favorable weather conditions when drying wet leather shoes. Although this drying method takes longer than, for example, using a dryer or heater, we don’t have to worry about the shape of the shoes changing.


In addition, we can ensure that our shoes retain their shape using special shoe hangers. A shoe hanger is a type of dryer with specially profiled arms on which we can hang shoe bodies so that they hang stably in a vertical position. This ensures that the shoes are adequately ventilated and that their shape remains unchanged. Shoe hangers are also a very good idea for storing shoes. They give us the opportunity to keep our favorite pairs of shoes in good condition. The stable placement on hangers prevents the shoes from being damaged. In addition, it does not take up much space in the closet and does not create clutter in the hallway of our house or apartment.

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