How to match shoes to a handbag? They don’t have to be the same color!

How to match shoes to a handbag? When listening to fashion advice, you notice that a lot of emphasis is placed on accessories. These can completely change the character of styling. We do not need to replace the entire wardrobe every season to create a fashionable outfit. All you need to do is choose stylish accessories that match the hottest trends. Shoes and a handbag open up huge styling possibilities. They allow us to experiment with colors, patterns and embossing. In addition, they do not have to fit into our color palette, because they do not directly border the face and therefore do not negatively affect the sense of beauty. How to match shoes to a handbag? This is a dilemma that many women face. You will find useful tips in our article. However, we can already reveal that they do not have to be in the same color.

Should shoes and handbag be the same color?

Shoes with a handbag of the same color are, according to many women, the perfect solution. This really works great when we lack the sense of combining colors. However, it must be clearly emphasized that shoes and a handbag of the same color are not mandatory. They can be considered a great help, especially if we choose a patterned dress and want to subtly tone it down. However, in an outfit with stripes in navy blue, pink and purple, nothing prevents you from choosing purple shoes and combining them with a pink handbag. These are the shades that appear on the dress, so we do not introduce unnecessary colors.

Shoes and a handbag of the same color sometimes help us to comply with the three-color rule. If we wear a blue shirt and purple pants, we will not wear gray shoes and a beige handbag because otherwise chaos will be created. On the other hand, the styling in neutral colors can be broken by a vibrant color. It would be good if the orange baguette bag was fastened with an orange buckle on  women’s sports shoes .

How do I combine shoes with a handbag?

Which bag goes with cowboy boots? Which bag to wear with patent leather shoes? Which shoes to wear with a brown handbag? Which handbag goes with red shoes? These are just some of the questions that women type into the search engine when looking for fashion inspiration. Ladies are afraid of styling faux pas and therefore rarely leave their comfort zone. They focus on simple and repeatable outfits that leave no room for mistakes. Unfortunately, this deprives them of the joy of contact with fashion. A handbag and shoes in the same color do not necessarily have to be an integral part of your outfit. Indulge in a bit of fashion madness. Accessories allow us to experiment with colors and finishes. Thanks to them, we learn more about our own preferences.

If you are wondering how to combine shoes with a handbag, here are three solutions. We can combine identical colors, then we will certainly achieve a harmonious effect and the right styling. We can also combine colors from the same ballet, for example, gray women’s high heels with a beige shopper bag in a cool shade. However, fashion influencers often emphasize contrasts. Colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel look great together. See for yourself by wearing purple  high-heeled boots and a mustard-colored shoulder bag. Find out which shoes to wear with a coat? A comprehensive guide to styles, cuts and colors

Golden shoes – which handbag should I choose?

Which bag to wear with gold shoes is the best solution? This question keeps many women awake at night. A handbag and shoes in the same color, be it gold or silver, can border on kitsch. If you are going to a big gala, a New Year’s Eve ball or a wedding, a sleek, figure-hugging dress in a neutral color will be up to the challenge. It is the perfect backdrop for such sparkling accessories. However, if you want to wear gold shoes every day, we recommend that you combine them with a black bag with a gold chain and zipper.   The one in gray, beige or navy blue also works very well. Do you opt for a straight-cut red dress and gold shoes? You can complete the look with a red bag on a gold chain.

Which bag should you combine with brown shoes?

What bag goes with brown suede shoes? In this case, we can choose both a suede messenger bag and one made of grained leather. When it comes to color, an earth-colored accessory works great. Khaki, olive green, sandy beige and even muted orange are a perfect solution if you are looking for a bag to match brown shoes. A tote bag in mustard or purple can also be a hit. In addition, light brown shoes combine beautifully with a blue handbag.

Black shoes – match every handbag?

Which bag goes with black shoes? You think this question doesn’t make sense? We believe that black shoes look great with a handbag of any color. Is that really so? Not necessarily, because a lot depends on the type of beauty. At the beginning we mentioned that for accessories that are not adjacent to the face, color analysis is not applicable. However, black shoes combined with a white handbag create a strong contrast that does not fit harmonious beauty. Spring and winter love differences and can play with them as much as they want. Undoubtedly, most handbag colors go with black shoes. Dark green, brown, purple, navy blue, graphite or burgundy are the perfect solution if we want a more discreet outfit. If you want to go crazy, you can even combine black shoes with pastel or neon handbags.

Which handbag goes with white shoes?

Contrary to appearances, a handbag for white shoes does not necessarily have to be in the shade of snow. With this color, it is worth breaking this conservative rule. White shoes and a handbag of the same color are quite an aesthetic combination, but it does not work for practical reasons. Light shopper shoes quickly get dirty and damaged. White shoes with a pastel-colored handbag look extremely interesting. You can also replace light blue or pistachio with beige or ash.

A bag for dark blue shoes – which one should I choose?

Are you wondering which bag goes best with dark blue shoes? We have good news for you, because with such shoes many combinations are possible. Interestingly, navy blue  elegant women’s shoes great they also go with a black bag. In the past, the combination of these two neutral colors was considered a fashion faux pas. However, times have changed. Navy blue boots or ankle boots also go perfectly with a red shopper bag or a bottle green messenger bag. You can also put together an interesting outfit with a gray or beige handbag.

Choosing a handbag for red shoes

Red is an extremely energetic color that symbolizes power, sensuality and spontaneous temperament. We can try to tone it down a bit by reaching for a gray, navy or black bag. However, if we want to bring out more depth, let’s indulge in a bit of fashion madness. A bag for red shoes in a rich shade can be available in cobalt blue, bottle green or even fuchsia. These energetic colors are part of a palette

Which bag goes with nude shoes?

Nude high heels for women are considered the epitome of elegance. You can wear them to a business meeting or a wedding. What is the best bag to match nude shoes? If we want an elegant look full of professionalism, a beige, brown or gray handbag is a good solution. If we want to add some color, a pastel-colored shoulder bag is perfect. Nude stilettos can also be contrasted with a cobalt blue or red shopper.

Which bag goes with colorful shoes?

Shoes do not always come in one color, sometimes they are a combination of several colors. Colorful shoes with a handbag in a neutral shade always look partially muted. However, if you want to emphasize one of the colors, choose an identical shoulder bag . Let’s say you bought sneakers with purple, yellow and pink flowers. With a purple handbag you can enhance the purple color accent of your sports shoes.

Which bag for patent leather shoes and which for suede shoes?

How to combine shoes with a handbag, taking into account the texture of accessories? If you value uniform styling, use the principle that similar elements go well together. In this case, you can complement your suede boots with a suede shoulder bag. Do you like fashion experiments? Combine grained leather ankle boots with a suede shopper bag. Which handbag goes best with patent leather shoes? You can choose a lacquered version in the same color, but usually such a combination does not look very good. It is better to cover it with a suede or grained leather handbag.

Summary – finding a bag to match your shoes is easy!

Although we often have difficulty matching shoes and handbags, there are simple rules here. If we feel lost, we can resort to neutral colors. These usually go perfectly with basic styles and cover more extravagant shades. A handbag and shoes in the same color are also a remarkable solution if our clothes are very expressive. Colors from the same palette can be freely mixed, this also applies to expressive colors such as cobalt and fuchsia. If we want to create a contrasting combination, we use the color wheel and choose two opposite shades.

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