Shoes for everything – do they exist? We have several candidates

Best Shoes for everything

It may seem that there are no shoes that go with everything. Nowadays, a lot depends on your lifestyle, your individual taste and the contents of your wardrobe. When it comes to shoes, fashion offers various classic models that can be successfully combined with many styles.

Why is it worth choosing universal shoes? Not only to save money or space in the closet. Shoes that go with most of your clothes will emphasize your style. The nervous search for the right pair before a party or an important meeting will disappear. Therefore, start your search for shoes that go with everything by looking through the contents of your wardrobe. You can also divide the clothes into casual and more elegant items. This will make it easier to find universal shoes. Check out which shoes to wear with a coat? A comprehensive guide to styles, cuts and colors

Shoe models that go with (almost) everything

Of course, we can’t take it literally, but there are universal shoe styles that fit perfectly with many styles. If you are looking for shoes that go with almost everything, choose these models:

  • Boots – perfect for the fall, winter and spring seasons. And if you choose a model made of leather, they will work in summer too. Choose a classic ankle cut with a round or almond toe and a block heel. Choose the color black or brown and a smooth texture without decorations or patterns.
  • Moccasins – another shoe that goes with everything, or at least with most styling. They will perfectly match a suit, a suit, an airy summer dress or regular jeans. If you want to choose moccasins, which are truly universal shoes, choose a classic and minimalist model made of black, beige or brown leather.
  • Oxford or jazz shoes – these are universal women’s shoes that recall men’s models. They are so classic that you can wear them with a suit, a dress or jeans. This is a proposal for women who love tradition and minimalism.

Universal sports shoes

Are there any sports shoes that we can combine with all (or almost all) styles? Of course! Fortunately, the days when sports shoes were only welcome at the gym or during other physical activities are long gone. Today we wear them to work, to a party, on a date or to meet friends and no one will consider it an insult or a sign of too much casualness. Sports shoes that go with everything include:

  • Sneakers – they go well with jeans, combat trousers, tracksuits and other trousers in a casual or sporty style, but how about more elegant styles? Sneakers are such universal women’s shoes that you can easily wear them with a suit. Of course, this is not an official costume for a gala or an important business meeting, but rather a more casual style. It is important that the sneakers look discreet in such a combination, in a well-chosen color, without large decorations or applications.
  • Sneakers and trainers – these are other sports shoes that go with everything. Just like sneakers, you can wear them with a loose suit or office trousers. We wear them with jeans, a short mini dress or even a light and airy dress. They look great in combination with shorts or a long pleated skirt. White, black and red sneakers have become classics and therefore go with everything.

Universal shoe colors

Universal shoes

When looking for shoes that go with everything, it’s worth paying attention to the color. Of course, it should be universal. There are colors that are easy to combine with others, creating muted combinations or interesting contrasts. So if you’re wondering what shoe color goes with everything, here are our suggestions:

  • Universal black shoes – Black is a color that you can freely combine with any other color. Of course, black is not the best choice for every style, but it can’t hurt.By choosing black shoes, you can be sure that you won’t make a mistake.This universal shoe color contrasts interestingly with white, red, yellow or beige and stands out. With colors like blue, green or pink, they are gently tinted. The combination of black and brown may seem a bit risky, but if you do it carefully, you don’t have to worry.
  • Universal white shoes – answer to the question The question of whether white shoes go with everything is: Of course they go! Like black, it is a universal shoe color that does not harm any other color.Even if you wear all black or red, white shoes are an interesting break in style.
  • Beige shoes for everything – beige, cream, camel… This shade of light brown is also a good choice if we focus on a universal shoe color.Remember that it is a warm color and therefore should be combined with clothes in equally warm tones.And you can even find these in pink or red, which are considered cold. Beige and blue or navy blue are an almost perfect pair

Universal women’s shoes – what should you pay attention to?

As you can see, there are many models of shoes that will suit everything. Let’s try to summarize and list all the qualities that universal shoes should have:

  • Color – neutral and muted. If pastel shades dominate in your wardrobe, choose beige or cream shoes. If you love bold colors, accents and contrasts, choose white or black shoes.
  • Fashion – as minimalistic and classic as possible. All the peculiarities, deviations and decorations make the footwear unique and original. On the one hand, this is an advantage, but on the other hand, such shoes are no longer universally applicable and only suit a few styles at most.
  • Adaptation to your lifestyle – if your life is full of official meetings and elegant or even big trips, then probably universal shoes for you are high heels instead of sneakers. And vice versa – if you love freedom and lightness, then you should not bother with formal loafers, for example. Choose sneakers and sneakers, because in your case these are the shoes that go with everything.
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