Comfortable shoes for standing work – how to choose them? Buying guide

Comfortable shoes for standing work will be appreciated by all people who work in a shop or move a lot due to the special nature of their tasks, for example in the warehouse or between departments of the company. Sometimes your profession influences the choice of clothes and accessories, because they must meet strictly defined criteria. Choosing the right model is often difficult. Several key aspects must be taken into account. This article shows you the most comfortable shoes for standing work, which are also worth investing in if you walk to work.

What shoes do people need who are on their feet for 8 (or more) hours?

Working on your feet for 8 hours can be extremely stressful for the spine and lower limbs. However, good shoes for prolonged standing can prevent unpleasant symptoms. Very often, height, sole thickness and tread affect the comfort of use. Standing shoes should be flat, because the heel concentrates 90% of the body weight in the forefoot. This can lead to serious deformations and injuries. Comfortable walking shoes are useful for everyone who supervises and coordinates different departments. To avoid painful blisters after a whole day on the feet, it is worth trying comfortable women’s sneakers. Find out what shoes and accessories do you wear with a beige dress? 

It is important that their sole effectively neutralizes the impact of the foot on the ground. Some women keep women’s sneakers . These can also work very well, especially if they are adapted to the anatomy of the foot. Undoubtedly, comfortable shoes for walking work should not rub your feet. If, when measuring a particular pair, there is pressure or a hard element in any place, this is a sign that this model is not compatible with the foot. In the long run, painful abrasions can occur. To avoid this type of inconvenience, many women choose leather sports shoes . Thanks to the use of high-quality materials, they not only allow air to pass through perfectly, thus preventing feet from sweating, but also adapt perfectly to the natural anatomical curves.

Which shoe models are most comfortable for standing work?

The three types of shoes mentioned above are perfect for standing for long periods of time. We are talking about women’s sneakers, women’s sneakers and leather sports shoes, all of which have a flat sole. Make sure that your body weight is evenly distributed. This will help you avoid back and leg pain. Comfortable shoes for standing work also include ballerina flats. These have a large fan base, as they often resemble slippers that you don’t feel on your feet at all. However, you should make sure that their sole is not too thin.

Comfortable flip-flops for standing work are particularly popular among healthcare workers. These often have a special filling that creates a kind of cushion that cushions the contact of the foot with the hard surface. Their additional advantage is flexibility and adaptation to the anatomical curvatures of the foot. You can also find shoes for standing for long periods of time by visiting the Women’s Sneakers section . These shoes have a large fan base, choosing a white or black model without additional decorations allows you to get more elegant sports shoes. The models mentioned above are perfect for working in a business where you are on your feet for 8 hours and move around the company frequently.

Which shoes should you choose if you walk a lot at work?

Comfortable walking shoes are a basic element of the wardrobe of all people who walk to the company, coordinate the work of different departments or hold business meetings. In their case, moccasins . These are shoes with a flat sole or a small wedge heel, which ensure even distribution of body weight and thus do not burden only one part of the foot.   They were adopted from the men’s wardrobe and adapted to the needs of women.

They come in classic black and brown, but also in pastel shades. Women’s Lords are both elegant and comfortable shoes that you can safely wear to a business meeting. For wearing at work, you can also choose women’s flat shoes . These are a remarkable solution for colder days, as they protect the foot from the cold. If you choose a classic model and color of women’s flat shoes, you can safely wear them to a meeting with a client.

Which shoes are not suitable for standing for long periods?

Some shoes are not suitable for work on your feet. When discussing the most comfortable footwear, flip-flops were mentioned. These are indeed a solution worth considering as they protect the toes from falling out and have a flat sole. However, high-heeled flip-flops are not suitable for standing work, just like stilettos, high-heeled ankle boots or pumps. Firstly, they contribute to an unfavorable distribution of body weight. It rests on the front of the toes, which can lead to pain and even permanent deformation of the foot. Secondly, high-heeled flip-flops are an extremely unstable structure that can even lead to serious injuries, including ankle sprains.

What footwear is not suitable for work that requires standing or frequent walking? Some flat shoes can also prove to be problematic. Women’s sneakers that are too hard and stiff rub on the feet. However, gladiator shoes with numerous straps to tie around the ankle can disrupt blood circulation when standing for hours. Flip-flops are also not recommended, as the strap between the toes often leads to painful abrasions when worn for a long time. With closed shoes, you should also pay attention to their breathability to avoid the foot sweating and slipping in the shoes.

Can shoe insoles help you?

It is worth carefully choosing shoes for prolonged standing. Some people who walk or stand a lot at work choose additional solutions that increase their comfort. One of them is shoe insoles for standing work. Their task is to reduce possible pain and microshocks that accompany a huge load on the feet. This type of insoles has been carefully developed. Special materials were used for their manufacture. Also, insoles for standing work contribute to the even distribution of body weight. It is also worth considering that this form of professional activity increases the risk of developing longitudinal flatfoot, so it is worth taking preventive measures, including wearing orthopedic insoles.

How do you care for your legs and feet after work?

Even the most comfortable shoes for standing work do not exempt us from the need to take care of our legs. Due to their professional activity, they are exposed, among other things: to varicose veins. To prevent their appearance, lie with your feet against a wall. In addition, to improve blood circulation, it is advisable to douse the area from the knee to the foot with a stream of cool water. This simple action causes the blood vessels to constrict.  A roller massage, which should be performed from the feet towards the heart, can also bring many benefits to tired legs. It should cover not only the base of the legs, but also the calves and thighs. The roller massage should be performed on both the front and back. Certain sports activities support leg health by preventing circulatory disorders and congestion. These include swimming, running and playing tennis.

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