Flat evening shoes – how to choose them and what to wear with them?

Flat evening shoes – Not all of us love high heels. The reasons why we choose flat shoes with a dress are different. Most often we are guided by comfort, especially when we know we will be on our feet for several hours or plan to dance the night away. Sometimes the reason may be our tall height. We don’t like looking down on others or don’t want to be taller than our partner. Another motivation could simply be our individual taste. Well-fitting flat shoes with a dress look stylish and can be very fashionable.

Flat evening shoes – do they fit?

Choosing the right footwear for a dress is no easy task. And although many women automatically opt for stilettos, wedges, stilettos or block heels, that doesn’t mean we can’t go against the grain. Special flat shoes worn with a dress even have a historical justification. Their origins date back to the 1950s, when jive and rock and roll were popular on American dance floors. Spontaneous kicks and jumps in high heels posed a risk of injury, so dancers were happy to switch to flat shoes or sneakers that went perfectly with flared skirts. As we can see, flat dress shoes are not a modern concept at all. Today we wear them not only for dancing, but in any situation where comfort is important to us.

How to wear flat shoes with a dress?

Of course, it shouldn’t be like wearing any flat shoes with a dress that we want to set off. This duo must harmonize well, even if we want to achieve it through contrasts. Of course, the occasion will be key. If we go to school or work, where there is no dress code, we can easily opt for sneakers, sneakers or sneakers. It is best if they match the color of the rest of the outfit, but this is not necessary. The combination of seemingly incompatible elements is considered by young people to be an expression of fashionable casualness. We approach the matter quite differently when formal clothing is required in the workplace. In such a situation, it is difficult to find flat-heeled shoes more suitable for a dress than the ballerina flats loved by Polish women. The choice of models is so wide that we are sure to find one that will match our wardrobe.

Elegant flat evening shoes – which ones should I choose?

This combination may seem like a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be. Slippers in the style of men’s oxfords will perfectly match a suit, a shirt dress or even a princess dress, as well as any dress with a jacket or jacket. If you are a fan of classics and minimalism, this set will be a hit. Once again, ballet flats or low-heeled pumps. Find out how to match shoes to a handbag? They don’t have to be the same color!

Flat shoes for a wedding dress – how to choose?

Are flat shoes for a wedding dress a good idea? In our opinion, definitely, and not only for convenience. Here, too, ballet flats are the perfect solution. Another option is elegant sandals if the event takes place in summer. An interesting idea is models that combine ballet flats and sandals, for example, with a closed toe, open heel and ankle strap. Such flat shoes for a wedding dress will be a hit and you will look great in them, even if you are a bride.

Flat evening shoes for spring

In spring, we like to switch to lighter footwear and clothing, even though the weather can still be capricious. All kinds of flat boots . They have a higher shaft that provides thermal comfort and protects against rain. In spring, sneakers and sneakers dominate the streets, which also go well with dresses and skirts.

Flat evening shoes for summer

Sandals, ballet flats, sneakers – the choice of flat shoes for a summer dress is really huge. Of course, different types of sandals dominate – from sporty models that can be worn with everyday dresses to models with unusual straps, fasteners or decorations. In closed shoes, the material from which the footwear is made plays an important role. It is important that your feet can breathe and do not sweat. If your favorite flat evening shoes are ankle boots, choose models with openwork uppers in summer.

Flat evening shoes for autumn

Autumn is the time of year when we return to comfortable ankle boots. Of course, you can wear sneakers all autumn, as long as they are made of waterproof material. Let’s not forget the boots and boots, which are perfect as flat shoes for autumn dresses. We can wear them with both casual and more formal styles. They go perfectly with a long coat. The height of the boots is very important to coordinate with the dress. For a mini dress, choose boots that reach above the knee. The lower ones, below the knee, go better with long, wide and pleated dresses.

Flat shoes – do they suit every figure?

There was a time when it was believed that only tall and long-legged people could afford flat shoe models. This is a harmful myth that is not worth repeating. The only thing you need to consider when choosing flat shoes for a dress is the proportions. An outfit of a midi cut, that is, up to the middle of the calf combined with ankle boots, is actually a bad combination that visually shortens the legs. The only thing is not to expose too small a part of the calf, because this looks unfavorable. In addition, you can choose low-heeled sandals , sneakers, ankle boots and flat boots .

Dresses and flat shoes – outfits

Still not sure if flat shoes with a dress are a good combination? Try our styling ideas and you will see that this is a great duo:

  • In the style of Audrey Hepburn – The famous actress from “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” was also a fashion icon whose style is still imitated by subsequent generations. One of her trademarks was ballet flats . Classic, black, with a rounded toe, often with a charming bow, it is still one of the most popular models. It is worth having in your closet if you want to wear flat shoes with a dress .
  • Youth – Do you like to play with fashion and break conventions? Wear sporty flat shoes with a flowing dress. Its length does not matter. Sneakers go well with both short and long styles.
  • Fashionable boho style – The boho style, also called ethnic, has dominated the streets and music festivals for many seasons. What flat shoes go with a patterned dress? The best choice is suede ankle boots or cowboy boots. Add a wide-brimmed hat and lots of jewelry.
  • Masculine – With a pinch of salt, of course, because styles such as Oxfords or classic flat shoes  in the style of men’s slippers have long since found their way into women’s wardrobes. And that’s a good thing, because they look extremely stylish and even avant-garde. Black Oxfords or jazz shoes are flat shoes that you can wear with a business dress, preferably simple, made of elegant material. Add a loose, long jacket and you are the epitome of good taste. Remember to wear this type of footwear without socks or choose socks.
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