Which shoes and accessories should you choose with a black dress?

A black dress is a classic, regardless of its style. In addition, it is such a universal model that thanks to different accessories we can wear the same outfit in different ways. Depending on the shoes you choose to match your black dress, you can wear it to work, to a party or to an important celebration. We will show you how to create stunning styles with a black dress as the main character.

Black dress – an eternal classic!

I guess every woman has heard of the little black dress. Its history goes back to 1926, when it first appeared on the pages of “Vogue”. For that time, it was an extremely daring creation, but as a symbol of class and timeless chic, it immediately entered the canon of women’s fashion. It’s worth it. If you have a few black dresses in your closet, we probably won’t let that stop you from buying more models. But even if you are neither a fan of black nor classics, in this article we will convince you that it is worth choosing a little black dress. Even one and the same model will look completely different depending on what shoes you choose to match the black dress. By appropriately replacing the accessories, you can change the style.

Which black dress should I choose? Long or short?

Of course, it is best to invest in a black mini and maxi dress. The former is the perfect choice for any event where you want to look feminine, sexy and seductive. If you choose classic high heels , not necessarily black, you will accentuate your assets even more. Contrary to appearances, a high heel is not a must with a black mini dress.  Ballerinas or flat pumps add some lightness and perversity to this styling.

A slightly longer version of the black dress, knee-length, is perfect for all kinds of official occasions – at work, business meetings, presentations, school and family celebrations. In such an outfit, you will look modest, well-groomed and at the same time extremely elegant. What shoes go best with a knee-length black dress? If you want to maintain a restrained look, choose classic pumps with a low heel.

A black maxi dress is the perfect choice for evening balls and banquets, as well as for going to the opera. If you want to emphasize its sophistication and elegance, choose covered models pumps . If you want a more extravagant look, high-heeled sandals encrusted with crystals are perfect. What color of shoes goes best with a black dress? There is a lot of room for creativity, because black goes with all colors, perhaps with the exception of pastel shades. Check out Comfortable shoes for standing work – how to choose them? Buying guide

Shoes for a black long dress

If you are wondering what shoes go with a black maxi dress and you don’t like high heels, we have good news. This styling looks great both in everyday life and at parties, for example with sandals or heavy work shoes. The latter will reflect the style features of the currently very trendy 90s. Another idea is to combine a long black dress with platform shoes. This way you will look youthful and relaxed. Over the dress you can wear a loose sweater or a long jacket. Women’s dresses also go well with a long black dress  ankle boots  and cowboy boots. The most famous long black dress is the one in which Audrey Hepburn appeared in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. To imitate this look, combine your outfit with round-toe pumps and flat heels or ballet flats.

Shoes for a black dress with sequins

Such an outfit is a great idea for a crazy club night, New Year’s Eve or a carnival party. The first thought when choosing the best shoes for a black sequin dress is, of course, high heels. However, it can be difficult to dance all night in them. Pumps with a lower heel also work great. Remember moderation. Sequins are very impressive, so it’s worth opting for minimalism when it comes to shoes.

Shoes for a black leather dress

A leather outfit is the quintessence of sex appeal. It goes well with both classic stiletto pumps and the so-called block. If you want, you can loosen up this styling in an interesting way by combining it with platform shoes or worker boots. High boots, boots or cowboy boots are also a great addition.

Shoes for a black lace dress

Lace combined with black creates an impression of extraordinary elegance. Black lace has a long historical origin and a firm place among fashion trends. They were once worn by queens and aristocrats, and later by cinema icons. Today, each of us can wear such an outfit at a wedding, an official gala or a ball. What shoes go with a black lace dress? Black or silver stilettos are best, but pumps with lower heels are also fine.

Shoes for a black floral dress

Such a girlish styling requires the addition of sandals, but we can also give it something special by wearing platform shoes or heavy boots  Ladies Workers .  Add fishnet stockings to look even more avant-garde.

Shoes for a black wedding dress

If you feel most comfortable in black, there is nothing wrong with wearing it to the wedding. What shoes go best with a black wedding dress? Those that will spice up a discreet outfit. You can choose openwork sandals or pumps in red, gold or silver tones.

Accessories for a black dress – how to choose them?

The choice of accessories for a black dress is really huge. For simple styles, you can choose minimalist jewelry, but also strong accents in the form of geometric pendants or fashionable stones and crystals. The more decorative the material, the less precious jewelry is needed. Black goes wonderfully with gold and silver. The classic is of course the little black dress combined with a pearl necklace and it is a style that every woman should try once in her life to feel really special.

Some styling with black shoes and a dress

If you want to get inspired and find out which shoes will create an unforgettable look with a black dress, use our ideas:

  • Classic – try the traditional little black dress with a boat neck or a semi-circular neckline, sleeveless. Add black low-heeled pumps and a pearl necklace. In such a styling you will look like a film icon.
  • Business – a business-appropriate little black dress goes well with a white blazer and black low-heeled pumps with black lace. Add a clutch and subtle earrings.
  • Youthful – combine a short black dress with platform shoes or worker boots. Complete the look with a bomber jacket or a leather jacket.
  • Parisian chic – choose a black button-down dress with a flared hem, fitted cut, collar and puff sleeves. Openwork sandals or pumps with a strap around the ankle go perfectly with such feminine clothing.
  • The 90s – wear a long, simple black satin dress. Definitely with spaghetti straps and a high side slit. Both worker boots and platform shoes go well with this style . You can also add a neon-colored blazer.
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