Which shoes to wear with a coat? A comprehensive guide to styles, cuts and colors

Which shoes to wear with a coat? Completing an autumn wardrobe often raises numerous problems. We wonder which coat shoes are best. We want to choose a model that will fit many styles and at the same time be comfortable and appropriate to our lifestyle. Which shoes go best with women’s coats? Unfortunately, there is no single answer to this question. Each piece of outerwear has a different character. Some women like fashionable eclecticism, others remain faithful to one style. We present a comprehensive guide to styles, cuts and colors.

How to match shoes to coat color?

What shoes to wear with a gray coat? This is one of the most frequently asked questions that we will try to answer in this paragraph. A gray coat creates a fairly comfortable atmosphere, as it is the easiest to style. Gray is considered a neutral color, so it is an excellent base for other colors. We can combine a gray coat for autumn with an ash or beige coat and  women’s ankle boots in a cool shade. Then we get quite harmonious styling, oscillating in a similar color palette. Nothing prevents you from playing with contrasts. For example, you can combine a gray coat with women’s boots in fuchsia or cobalt, which will enliven the outfit. At the same time, ash gently calms her crazy character.

What shoes do you wear with a beige coat?

Nude-colored outerwear has been very popular among women lately. No wonder many of them are looking for inspiration by typing the question: what shoes to wear with a beige coat? . Similar rules apply here as above. Whenever we wonder which shoes go best with a coat, we can choose one of four options. Choose women’s shoes in the same color as the outerwear to create an eye-catching outfit. Shades from the same color family also combine very well with each other. Cool beige goes well with gray, but also with cream or white. However, fuchsia goes well with cobalt, iris purple or rich green.

The color of shoes and coat can also be adjusted using contrasts. We can complement the purple outerwear with mustard-colored ankle boots and vice versa. In addition, we can make sure that the women’s autumn and winter shoes are in the same color as the tights or trousers to visually lengthen the legs. Check out which shoes should you wear with a men’s leather jacket?

How to choose shoes to match the style and length of the coat?

What shoes to wear with a knee-length coat? This is one of the most common dilemmas of women who want to create fashionable outfits. In case, the outerwear reaches above the knee, we have a relatively wide room for maneuver. If we are tall, we can choose flat shoes for autumn, see women’s moccasins . If we want to add a few centimeters, high-heeled boots or  wedge shoes . The knee-length coat suits all women, regardless of their height.

Which shoes go best with a long coat?

Maxi outerwear creates vertical lines that visually slimmer the figure and make us appear taller than they actually are. If we want to visually add inches, we can resort to high-heeled ankle boots or block shoes. Some women also opt for flat boots because they are not visible under the coat. In this case, the answer to the question: what shoes to wear with a coat? is any , according to your individual preferences.

What shoes do you wear with a mid-length autumn coat?

This is the most difficult outerwear to style, because you need to be careful not to cut into the silhouette and emphasize it. the thickest part of the calf. The best choice for a midi coat is boots high heels. This solution creates an even, vertical line. We avoid the situation when a piece of jeans comes out from under the coat and is then cut up by black boots. Also visually we lengthen our legs with heels.

How to choose shoes to match the style of the coat?

The style of the coat and the material it is made of often determine the choice of appropriate shoes for autumn and winter. Are you wondering which trench coat shoes are the best solution? Moccasins can be chosen if your outerwear ends below the knee and you are a tall woman. If the trench coat is medium length, high heel ankle boots in a similar shade to the pants or tights are great. For this maxi length we can choose both moccasins and autumn high heel shoes. We do not combine a trench coat with boots because it is of a temporary nature.

What shoes do you wear with a leather coat?

Here you should pay attention to the texture of the outer garment. If it is a suede coat, suede ankle boots, moccasins or shoes are best. We will then ensure a uniform finish on each piece of clothing. If you are dealing with grain leather, you should opt for autumn shoes made of smooth leather. What shoes to wear with a patent leather coat? In this situation, it is best to choose matte women’s workers which they break the character of our outfit, weigh it down slightly and make the shiny material look chic.

What shoes do you wear with an alpaca coat?

Wool coats are elegant due to the noble fibers they are made of. They also often have a classic color. What shoes go best with a black alpaca coat? In this case, classic ankle boots or black mules with high heels can be the optimal solution. It is important that they are made of natural grain leather or suede, as they harmonize with the noble origin of the wool. This way we get a first-class styling that is extremely body-friendly.

Which shoes should be worn with a winter coat and which with a transitional coat?

As we have already mentioned, boots and moccasins are the best fit for a trench coat, we do not combine it with boots because it is of a temporary nature. However, a winter coat that is not visible under outerwear suits musketeers best. They are the perfect solution for frosts. They fit perfectly with any coat length. However, sometimes winter is relatively warm, in such a situation it is worth choosing insulated boots or work boots.

5 additional tips to help you choose the shoes that match your coat

Tip 1. Rule of three colors

When composing autumn or winter styling, we should follow the three-color rule. More colors can create chaos and do not suit harmonious types (summer and autumn). These can be shades from one palette or opposite shades on the color wheel. For example, black goes well with navy blue (neutral colors) and can be lightened up with the addition of fuchsia.

Tip 2. Shoes that match your handbag or scarf

Autumn styling is often based on the creation of a buckle that holds it together. In such a situation, it is worth choosing shoes that match the color of tights, trousers, handbag, hat or scarf.

Tip 3. Neutral colors are ideal as a base

If your styling is in neutral colors, you can lighten it up with shoes of any shade, even if it does not match your beauty type. The legs are at a considerable distance from the face.

Tip 4. If you choose a patterned coat, choose plain shoes for autumn

If we choose prints, we must balance them with plain shoes in a neutral tone with a simple design. Otherwise, an excess of decorative elements could overwhelm us.

Tip 5: Play with color or texture in the overall look

Styling based on one color is extremely fashionable these days. However, it is very easy to get bored. To avoid this, play with shade or texture. For example, if you have a beige coat and beige trousers, combine them with beige ankle boots with a pattern that imitates crocodile leather.

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