How to polish shoes? We answer the most frequently asked questions

Polishing shoes seems to be just a simple activity that does not require appropriate knowledge. In fact, not all shoes can be cared for in the same way, as this can lead to damage. Differences in care are often determined by the material from which boots, boots or sneakers are made. Natural leather is cared for differently, artificial leather is treated with different methods. Often you also have to buy different preparations for impregnating and cleaning individual pairs of shoes. If this procedure is carried out incorrectly, damage may occur that is not subject to claim, as it is the result of improper maintenance. How to polish shoes? Here is a comprehensive guide.

How to polish leather shoes? Step by step

Before the basic tips on how to polish your shoes, pay attention to when you can do it. Some materials require the implementation of different care rules. Suede, textile and ecological leather shoes should not be polished. While no one subjects fabric sneakers and sneakers to this procedure, shoes made from other raw materials are sometimes treated in the same way. Shoe polishing is carried out only on models made of natural grain leather.

Polishing shoes in the mirror – how does it work?

How to polish shoes to make them shine? This is one of the most frequently asked questions, because footwear prepared in this way leaves a spectacular impression. The mirror shine is best seen on the hard parts of the shoes. It is relatively easy to get it on the heels and toes, but the rest of the parts are difficult to polish. Elegant men’s shoes are the ones most often subjected to this activity. Moccasins, Oxfords, loafers, monks or derby shoes add prestige when they shine like a mirror. Women’s shoes made of grained leather also have a lot to gain when their surface turns into a mirror.

Polishing shoes is a rather laborious activity that requires time and patience.

The desired effect cannot be achieved in a few minutes. Polishing shoes to a high shine requires appropriate preparation. To carry out this activity, the following products and accessories are required:

  • properly selected shoe polish – it should match the color of the shoes. Wax with black pigment, etc. is good for black. Some people also use colorless shoe polish, considering it a universal product for grain leather;
  • a bowl of cold water and a few drops of vinegar – this popular product gives shine to various surfaces. It is used, among other things, for washing windows and mirrors;
  • Cotton cloth – you can also use a piece of cut out t-shirt to shine your shoes. A shirt that has been damaged in use.

To give your shoes a mirror shine, you need to first remove all contaminants. For this, it is worth using a slightly damp cloth. After removing the remnants of mud, dirt, etc., let the shoes dry naturally at room temperature. Then you can start polishing your shoes. Using a clean cotton cloth, take a small amount of the paste and apply it to the toe of the shoe. After a while, the other end of the cloth is soaked in a solution of water and vinegar, and then a few drops (3-4) are mixed with the previously applied preparation. With the resulting mixture, the shoes are polished with a cotton cloth.

From time to time, a small amount of paste and 3-4 drops of it are added. solution. This procedure should be repeated until the desired results are achieved. Find out What shoes and accessories do you wear with a beige dress?

Polishing military boots

Polishing military boots should also be preceded by cleaning any mud, earth, sand, etc. that have accumulated on them during use. This operation can be carried out using a brush with semi-hard bristles. Very often, dried mud can be scraped off mechanically, just be careful not to scratch the skin. If stains remain after soiling, wipe them off with a damp cloth. Sometimes the cloth needs to be soaked in water with detergent so that the surfactants can remove more stubborn dirt particles. Military boots should be left at room temperature to dry naturally.

How to polish military boots so that they regain their neat and aesthetic appearance? For this purpose, a special brush will come in handy. First, the paste is applied to the front of the shoe, then it moves towards the heel, polishing the sides. Finally, with a brush, the preparation is applied to the area near the laces, which was previously left out. After waiting a few minutes, you can start polishing. For this step, you will need a brush with semi-hard bristles. In a similar way, it is worth cleaning boots with lacing .

Secret polishing methods

How to polish natural leather shoes if you don’t have a special store-bought toothpaste on hand? Home remedies help and work for many people. Ready-made shoe polishes contain waxes, paraffin, natural oils, etc., that is, substances with a lubricating effect. Thanks to them, natural leather is more resistant to mechanical damage, including cracking or peeling. Polishing shoes is very similar to personal care. In both cases, lubricating substances are used that leave an invisible protective film. You can make a homemade shoe care product using:

  • 50 ml olive oil;
  • 50 ml vinegar;
  • a few drops of lavender oil.

The individual ingredients should be mixed thoroughly and then rubbed into the shoes with a special brush or a microfiber cloth.

Some people who care for shoes made of natural grain leather use household waste such as banana peels. Its inner part is perfect for polishing shoes and removing dirt.

How to polish natural leather shoes? Product and accessory overview

Above it is explained how to polish shoes . This is a very important activity, because it affects not only the visual qualities of the footwear, but also its durability and mechanical strength. Dried natural leather easily tears and deteriorates. In addition, it is also more prone to leakage. At the same time, shoes without shine, with stains and mud residues do not look very aesthetically pleasing. To restore their attractive appearance, first remove the dirt, wait for the shoes to dry, and then polish them. What products are useful for carrying out this activity?

Types of pastes

On the market you can find shoe polishes of different colors. This solution is carefully thought out. Applying black paste to brown women’s shoes for autumn could help change their color. In this case, consistency should be observed and the principle of similarity should be observed. Black varnish is applied to black shoes, and brown varnish is applied to brown shoes. The shade does not have to match 100%. People who have a large selection of shoes in different colors can make the task easier for themselves by purchasing a colorless shoe polish. It contains only waxes, paraffin and oils without any pigments.

Brushes and other accessories

Shoe polish must be applied using a suitable accessory. Brushes with different bristle hardness are best suited for this. With grained safiano leather, there is a relatively low risk of damage. For this reason, you can choose a brush with harder bristles. Shoes made of fine grain leather, such as calfskin, require special treatment. In their case, only a brush with soft bristles is available. Sometimes it is worth considering replacing it with a cotton or microfiber cloth. There is a reason why shoe brushes have different colored bristles. This can discolor the shoes and create unsightly and permanent stains. It is best to choose black bristles for black shoes, white bristles for beige.

The modern lifestyle favors the search for products that would facilitate everyday activities. For quick shoe care, special cleaners have been developed, which come in the form of a sponge moistened with the preparation. They are used to polish shoes, starting from the toe and then moving towards the heel. The cleaners are replaced with new ones when they dry out.

There are also special waterproofing products on the market that can be applied to new shoes before leaving the house for the first time. They will protect the shoes from leaking. Waterproofing should be repeated every few days. Detailed instructions for use can be found on the packaging of a particular product. It is worth following them to avoid damage to your shoes.

Frequently asked Questions

From the above part of the article it is already known how to polish shoes. However, this is not the only topic that arouses interest. Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about shoe care. It is worth familiarizing yourself with the various aspects of maintenance so that the purchased pair will serve you well for several seasons. Unfortunately, if handled improperly, shoes can be easily damaged.

How often should you polish your shoes?

Proper shoe care contributes to their mechanical strength and longer life. Polishing shoes is an activity that should be performed relatively often, but it does not have to be done every day. An exception to this rule is difficult weather conditions. If shoes are exposed to moisture, mud or road salt on a daily basis, it is worth thinking about more frequent cleaning and polishing. For example, if you see a lot of sand, first remove it with a brush, and if necessary, wipe the shoes with a damp cloth. When they dry at room temperature, they can be impregnated and polished, which will protect them from harmful external influences.

How often should you polish your shoes if weather conditions are not particularly problematic? For shoes that are worn every day, it is recommended to do this once a week. If these are shoes that you wear several times a month, it is worth polishing them every two weeks.

How do you polish new shoes?

It might seem that polishing new shoes is an unjustified act. However, this is a myth that needs to be debunked. People who are wondering whether they should polish their new shoes should know that it should be done. Shoes often lie in warehouses or store shelves for months and dry out, for example due to central heating. This makes natural leather more likely to crack. New shoes should first be impregnated with a special preparation and then polished with a suitable product. This will protect them from leaks and damage

Can faux leather shoes be polished?

Artificial leather often imitates natural leather very closely So . It has a large following because no animals are used in its production and it is relatively inexpensive. Today, eco-leather shoes are characterized by relatively high mechanical strength. Can artificial leather shoes be polished? This should not be done, as it can cause damage. Although eco-leather resembles natural leather, the outside is made of polyurethane. It is recommended to wipe the material with a damp cotton cloth and use special preparations for impregnating artificial leather. In this case, pasting could contribute, among other things, to the formation of unsightly stains on the shoes.

Can suede shoes be polished?

Many people like to wear suede shoes because of their softness. Even natural leather turns out to be too hard and uncomfortable for some consumers. Can suede shoes be polished? You must not do this. They have a different structure than full-grain leather and are much more sensitive and prone to damage. Suede shoes are cleaned with a rubber brush and protected from leaks with a special impregnation.

How to polish shoes in multiple colors?

Although black, brown and beige shoes are among the most commonly chosen by Poles, some people prefer shoes with a fashionable twist. However, caring for designer models can be very difficult. The paste should be the same color as the shoes. However, it is difficult to follow this rule if it resembles a colorful mosaic. Polishing colored shoes is best done with a colorless preparation.

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