How to clean white sneakers? 10 effective ways

White sneakers are a hit in spring and summer styling. They go well with almost all colors. White sneakers can be combined with both light and dark clothes. They are the basis of many styles, not just casual ones! Lovers of this style like to combine their favorite white sneakers with elegant trousers and jackets and even formal dresses. However, these shoes have one disadvantage: they are very susceptible to dirt. If not properly cared for, they quickly lose their appeal and become unwearable after just one season. How and with what do you clean white sneakers? We know simple and effective methods!

Cleaning white sneakers – necessary treatment!

Let’s start with the fact that dirty shoes do not fit into any style. Although the casual style involves a certain casualness in the choice of styles, colors and prints, dirty or yellow shoes do not fit into any trend. Remember that your shoes are your business card! Whether you are going to have a conversation with a client or meet friends at the weekend. Therefore, it is worth taking care that it is in the best possible condition. Although this applies to all types of shoes, regardless of style or color, light colors are among the most problematic. White or beige shoes look unsightly even slightly dirty. They can effectively “spoil” any styling, even the best-planned one.

Regularly cleaning your shoes is important for another reason. Extends the life of shoes. Keeping your shoes clean will ensure that your favorite  sneakers last for more than one season. It is much cheaper and more environmentally friendly than buying new ones at the beginning of each season. Find out What shoes and accessories can you wear with a beige dress?

How do I clean white sneakers? Please, Remember a few basic rules before you start!

  • Don’t wait until your white sneakers turn completely grey! Try to remove dust and mud regularly. This will give you a better chance of cleaning bringing the expected results.
  • Never dry your shoes in the sun! Remember that drying your shoes on the heater is also not good for your shoes. Let wet shoes dry on their own in a warm and dry place. To remove excess moisture from the shoes, you can put rolled up newspapers inside.
  • After removing dirt, protect the shoes from harmful external influences.
  • Pay attention to how you store your shoes in the fall and winter season. Consider purchasing special bags that will protect your white sneakers from dust and mechanical damage.

Ways to clean white sneakers

White sneakers look best right after you buy them. They look so good that you just want to wear them everywhere. After every subsequent walk with the dog or a ride on public transport, they lose their pristine whiteness and no longer look so attractive. What to do to prevent this? Make them look as good as the day you first wore them! Is it possible? See for yourself that cleaning white sneakers doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. There are many ways to return white sneakers to their original appearance. Many of them are based on cleaning products and accessories that can be found in almost every home.

1. Clean white sneakers with baking soda

How to clean white sneakers? Baking soda is irreplaceable not only in the kitchen! You can use it to clean different types of surfaces without any problem. Perfect for freshening up white shoes. Dissolve two tablespoons of baking soda in a glass of water and apply it to the shoe surface with a cloth or an old toothbrush. Put the shoes aside for 20 to 30 minutes and wipe them with a damp cloth to remove any residue of the mixture.

2. Does toothpaste help clean white sneakers?

Prepare: a toothbrush, a bowl of water and white toothpaste. Wet the brush, apply the toothpaste and start gently rubbing the dirty areas. This way you can clean both the upper and the sole.

3. Clean sneakers with bleach

Since bleach is a very strong cleaning agent, this method is only suitable for cleaning yellowed plastic soles. Prepare some ear buds or cotton swabs. Apply a small amount of bleach to the dirty rubber bands and rub gently. Be careful not to get any bleach on the upper.

4. Does the cleansing milk also withstand heavy dirt on the soles?

An alternative to bleach can be white cleaning milk. Proceed in a similar way to bleaching. This is a good way to remove dirt from the rubber sole.

5. Can white sneakers be washed in the washing machine?

You can wash very dirty shoes in the washing machine, but remember not to repeat this process too often, otherwise the shoes could fall apart and lose their original shape. How to wash white sneakers? Choose the appropriate program. Wash shoes at low temperature (max 30 degrees Celsius) without spinning. Before putting them in the washing machine, be sure to remove the laces and clean them manually, for example with the same powder you used to wash your shoes or with another gentle detergent. After washing, remove the shoes from the washing machine as soon as possible and let them dry on their own.

6. Clean white sneakers with baby powder

What else can you use to clean white sneakers? Baby powder is an unobvious shoe cleaner. Add two to three tablespoons of the powder to a glass of water and mix thoroughly. Apply the prepared mixture to dirty shoes (uppers and soles) using a cloth or an old toothbrush. Wipe off excess with a damp cloth and let dry.

7. Can dishwashing liquid remove heavy dirt from shoes?

To clean white sneakers, use a neutral dishwashing detergent. Wet the material, add a few drops of liquid and rub with a soft brush or sponge. Remove the foam with a damp cloth and put the shoes aside to dry.

8. Clean white sneakers with grey soap

Gray soap is one of the safest cleaning products. Prepare a bowl of water and a soft brush. Wet the brush, put soap on it and rub gently until foam appears. This way you can clean both the upper and the sole.

9. Clean white sneakers with a makeup remover

How to clean white sneakers from yellow stains? Slightly dirty or yellowed soles can be cleaned with a preparation that you use to remove makeup. You can also use this method to clean the upper if the shoes are made of eco-leather.

10. White sneakers with special

Clean preparations

How to clean white sneakers if you are worried that you might damage them with home methods? On the market you can find many professional shoe polishes in liquid, paste or foam form. Before you start cleaning your shoes, read the instructions for use of each product to make sure you are using it correctly. Also, make sure what material and what part of the shoe the chosen product is intended for. In stationary stores and online you can find products for cleaning all types of shoes made of natural leather, ecological leather and textile materials.

How do I clean yellow stains from white sneakers?

The biggest nightmare for white shoe lovers is unsightly yellow stains. Where do they come from? They can be the result of improper cleaning or drying. If they appear on your favorite sneakers, it doesn’t mean that the shoes are just for throwing away. You can get rid of them using the home remedies presented in the previous points.

How do I clean white leather sneakers?

Natural leather is a material that requires proper care. Any mud or salt residue should be removed as quickly as possible. If the dirt is new, a soft, damp cloth or wet wipes soaked in a mild cleaning agent are sufficient. If the dirt is a little older, use professional shoe cleaners. However, you must remember that some types of dirt are difficult or impossible to remove.

White fabric sneakers – how to clean them safely?

Wondering how your favorite fabric sneakers will look after cleaning? If you choose one of the methods above, they will probably quickly regain their original shade. To clean fabric sneakers, you can use professional cleaning products or home remedies. One of the safest methods is wet cleaning with baking soda or gray soap. This is a suggestion for anyone who is worried that their favorite shoes may be damaged after cleaning.

What should NOT you use to clean white sneakers?

Before you start cleaning your favorite white sneakers, make sure you don’t destroy the material they are made of. Sneakers made of natural leather require a slightly different treatment, shoes made of plastic, i.e. eco-leather, and sneakers made of textile materials require a different treatment. Regardless of what material your shoes are made of, do not use sharp objects to clean them, such as brushes with hard bristles, as they can cause irreversible damage.

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